Dear F1 manager,

We've been organising this completely free Formula 1 management game since 2007. We had lots of pleasure doing so. But... it's time for a break.
We just cannot find the time right now, so we're taking a year off.

We hope to see you all next year! - Crew

Manage a virtual Formula 1 team consisting of two drivers, a chassis, an engine and a fuel supplier. If your team does well in the real Grand Prix events, you score points. Each point earns you additional money that you can use to improve your team. Interested in playing? Please read the FAQ for more information on the game.

Instead of competing against the whole world, you can choose to play in a subleague. There are private and public subleagues. Everybody can join a public subleague. A private subleague is protected with a password and can only be joined by players who know the password. You can make a subleague yourself. You can make it private and let only people you know join, e.g. people from work or school. Or you can make it public and let everybody join.